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Aloe ImageAloe Vera is a Complex and Intricately Structured Plant     The Aloe Vera Plant is the most self-sufficient plant on earth. The Aloe Plant is designed by Nature to be self-healing, self-hydrating, and a manufacturer of its own profound growth. The Aloe Plant thrives in the desert transforming the blazing sun, through the earth, into a fountain of living waters - a virtual oasis in the desert. The Aloe Vera Plant offers us the powerful Life-Force of the Sun and Earth it has captured and transformed or manifested into a plant that is like no other. It is classified as an herb due to its medicinal value. But it also can be thought of as a fruit (as it is mainly living water), a vegetable as we eat the whole plant and has many nutrients - it is truly in a class by itself.

When Hippocrates spoke of letting Food be Thy Medicine surely he must have been talking about the Aloe Vera plant. The Aloe Plant is a whole food that feeds us with its self-sufficient, hydrating and growth manufacturing properties and feeds our cells and our immune system in profound ways. We will touch on some of these here and remember - only the fresh Aloe Plant and "live" raw, whole Aloe Vera (not cold processed but raw) will have these properties.

Aloe has been found to have over 250 naturally occurring constituents. These constituents are interlaced in a base of water with a design that miraculously delivers its nutrients in unique ways:

  • It has properties that make it a fruit, vegetable and an herb!
  • It has enzymes that the body needs that are not found in any other plant.
  • It is the only plant source of vitamin B12.
  • It is the most potent source of the largest immune enhancing polysaccharides (our bodies stop producing these at puberty), and more.
  • To say it is nutritious is quite an understatement. It seems to be the most health supporting plant possible and should be a fundamental staple of everyone's nutritional health care regimen.

Among its 250 naturally occurring nutrients and cofactors are: Vitamins/Minerals (vitamins C, A,E,B-1,2,6,12, zinc, beta carotene, calcium, niacinimide, folic acid, carotene, choline, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium...the only known plant source of vitamin B12) Enzymes* (including digestive enzymes, amylase, lipase, oxidase, lactic dehydrogenase...)[easily broken down by heat] Growth factors* (gibberellin, auxin...) Amino acids 9 of 10 essential amino acids (only missing tryptophan), glutamic and glutanic acids, glycine, histidine,tyrosine.... Essential fatty acids Plant Sterols* Antiseptic & analgesic compounds* (salicylic acid, lupeol, sulfur, cinnamonic acid, phenol...) Glycoproteins Polysaccharides -fresh aloe contains the full range of all sizes of the long-chain, intricate, delicate (easily damaged) polysaccharides also known as mucopolysaccharides, MPS, Beta-linked glucomannans (including the Beta- 1,3; Beta-Glucan and the Beta-1,4 known as Acemannan). It is important that these nutrients be protected as they are responsible for most of the immune enhancing properties documented by research. To see how Aloe combines these nutrients to act like an herbal orchestra (Dr Robert Davis, PhD)    


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